FECYT publishes in the international journal "Science Diplomacy"

Friday, February 17, 2017

Science Diplomacy

The specialized journal in science diplomacy, Science & Diplomacy, published on 14th February an article entitled Spanish Science Diplomacy: A Global and Collaborative Bottom-Up Approach, which was written by experts from the International Projects Unit of FECYT. 

The article explains the FECYT contributions to the Spanish science diplomacy. It describes the innovative approach of a model mostly based not only on the integration of scientists in Spanish embassies, but also on the engagement and collaboration with associations of Spanish scientists abroad. Additionally, the model is further strengthened by linking FECYT to another networks such as the European initiative Euraxess or diplomatic delegations such as the Science diplomacy network in Madrid. 

The text begins with a summary of Spanish Science diplomacy through other initiatives already consolidated (such as CYTED) and the explanation of the different actors from the public administration involved. The associations of Spanish scientists abroad and their growing role as additional actors of Spanish science diplomacy are also emphasized. 

The article delves in the choice of three strategic nodes to strengthening Spanish science diplomacy network: United States of America, United Kingdom, and Germany. It thus enumerates the main activities performed by the scientific associations in these countries (ECUSA, CERU, and CERFA), as well as the reinforced activity in scientific issues from Spanish embassies in those countries due to the integration of FECYT science coordinators since 2015. 

To end, authors describe the need to further develop this model by the appointment of more scientific advisors in embassies, the promotion of a culture of science in public policy within both the legislative and the executive powers, and the implementation in Spain of initiatives and advice from these associations of Spanish scientists abroad.

Science & Diplomacy belongs to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, AAAS), a non-for-profit private organization, renowned worldwide for its role in science diplomacy. 

FECYT acknowledges the generous contribution from these associations of Spanish scientists abroad, in special to ECUSA, CERU, and CERFA. This endeavour has been possible thanks to the close coordination between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), and the State Secretariat for Research, Development, and Innovation (SEIDI). 

Link to the publication. Authors: Ana Elorza Moreno, Lorenzo Melchor, Guillermo Orts-Gil, Cristina Gracia, Izaskun Lacunza, Borja Izquierdo, José Ignacio Fernández-Vera. “Spanish Science Diplomacy: A Global and Collaborative Bottom-Up Approach”, Science & Diplomacy, A quarterly publication from the AAAS Center for Science Diplomacy; 14 de febrero de 2017.


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