The pages of the website have been designed and reviewed according to the guidelines established in the document 'Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0' published by the W3C's working group called WAI. The purpose of these guidelines is to make the information available on the Internet accessible to all users. The principal measures that have been taken include the following:

Visual Content

Text alternatives to visual content have been included for important content..

Text Size

The font sizes used on the website are relative, meaning that users can control them from the web browser they are using.
Increase Text Size: Press the keys 'Control' and '+' simultaneously.
Decrease Text Size: Press the keys 'Control' and '-' simultaneously.
Text size can also be increased or decreased by pressing the 'Control' key while scrolling the mouse.
Return to original text size: Press the keys 'Control' and '0' simultaneously.

Design, Browsing and Interactivity

We have made browsing the entire website coherent by creating the same structural layout for each page. We have also avoided using Javascript for interacting with the site. Furthermore, information has been separated from its corresponding visual content so that the users who wish to do so can browse content at a higher speed by deactivating the download of style sheets from their browser.

Levels of Accessibility

The website has been verified with the TAW tool and reviewed with different devices. The site earned a general accessibility level of double-A (AA).