The aim of the Foundations Council, driven forward by FECYT, is to incentivise the participation in science of private foundations, in accordance with international criteria.

In Spain there are currently around 10,000 active foundations that spend more than €8,520M on achieving their aims; however, they allocate less than 100 million to investment in R&D+I and less than 150 million to investment in science in a broad sense (including training and outreach).

With the aim of improving these data, the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology has implemented the Foundations for Science Council in order to promote, incentivise and increase the investment in science of private foundations.

Objectives: the dissemination and promotion of good practices for increasing investment in science; cooperation in the initiatives proposed by the Council or by any of the promoting Foundations to the extent of their individual capacities and strategies, the carrying out of joint activities for the promotion of involvement of other foundations in science investment and/or the cofinancing of joint promotion projects; joint advice and cooperation in the search for and evaluation of R&D+I projects and any other activity whose aim is to fulfil the Council’s objectives.

Principles: transparency, complementarity, cooperation and optimisation of resources.

The Council is not a closed structure, but rather, it is open and dynamic, and its aim is the incorporation of new foundations with an interest in any aspect of science: research, development, innovation, outreach, training, etc.