En mayo de 2016, el programa “Embajadores para la ciencia” se puso en marcha en el Reino Unido con nueve parejas de científicos y diplomáticos. Una de estas parejas fue la formada por el ministro consejero de la Embajada de España en el Reino Unido Juan López-Herrera y la catedrática de Química de King’s College London y de la Universidad de Oxford Carmen Domene. 

“Opportunities in science in Spain” will be an informative event, held next february 16th at the MIT in Boston with the collaboration of ECUSA (Spanish scientists in the USA, www.ecusa.es).

On December 1st the seminar "A Science Diplomacy Approach for Belgium" was held in Brussels, organized by Belgian institutions and supported by the European project H2020-ELCSID.

Last July the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and Ibero-America, Jesus Gracia, and the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, presented the Report on Science, Technology and Innovation Diplomacy.

This new scheme 'Ambassadors for Science' aims to bring together scientists and diplomats in order to get both professionals from two different worlds closer and to allow them to experience each other’s world.


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