This catalogue includes a selection of the participating photographs from the 8th Edition of the National Science Photography Contest FO

Edited by FECYT, this project is an illustrated text that provides the general public with the social and cultural context of a group of women (int

The teaching unit entitled A Trip to the Universe of Neurons, edited by FECYT and developed in collaboration with institutions and experts in the f

A teaching unit carried out as part of Science Week 2003.

A teaching unit carried out as part of Science Week 2005.

This is a publication of the scientific and technological advances made in Spain.

Almost one hundred professionals have contributed to summarising this inventory of scientific and technological advances in Spain and in internatio

An examination of the world of science in Spain during the 18th Century.

Description, features, scientific programmes, etc. of the Great Telescope of the Canary Islands.

Sesiones de los científicos británicos y españoles que participaron en la jornada "Networking Nations: Oportunidades científicas en Reino Unido y España"


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