El acto tuvo lugar en la Universidad de Lyon bajo el título “Investigación y sociedad: repercusión y dimensión europea de la actividad de científicos españoles en Francia”.

The main goal of the conference, that will be opened by Pedro Duque (Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities), will be to discss how science diplomacy can contribute to national, regional and international challenges. Also, the future of European Union science diplomacy and how to coordinate it with different member state approaches will be brought to the table.

The founder of modern neuroscience was also an exceptional artist. The MIT Museum hosts, until December 31, the exhibition "The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal". About 80 drawings of Cajal are shown, many of them never seen outside of Spain.

The European project S4D4C: Using science for/in diplomacy for addressing global challenges, in which FECYT, aims at supporting current and future EU science diplomacy for the benefit of the Union’s strategic capacities, foreign policy goals and the development of solutions for societal challenges.

Questions about the options after a degree, a master, a PhD or a first postdoc, are recurrent among researchers throughout their career. The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) has sought to provide information to help answering these questions, by publishing a series of booklets about the opportunities to develop a researcher career in Spain.

This 16th September, the NatureJobs Career Expo London 2016 celebrates its tenth edition, and FECYT participates with the exhibition stand “Science in Spain”. The day before, the Embassy of Spain in London hosts the event “Science in Spain 2016 – Science Jobs Opportunities”, an informative session where different funding opportunities will be presented to scientists interested in doing research in Spain. The event has been sold out with 60 attendees, covering the maximum expected capacity.

La Coordinadora Científica y representante de FECYT en la Embajada de España en Estados Unidos, Ana Elorza, participó como ponente y representante de España en un curso de Diplomacia Científica celebrado en Trieste (Italia) del 111 al 16 de julio.

Spain organizes "Science in Spain 2016 - Science Jobs Opportunities" on 15th September, an informative event about funding opportunities and institutional support for scientists to move to Spain to carry out their research, as well as an opportunity for different Spanish research centres to showcase their activity and current job opportunities.

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