On February 15th, FECYT organized the panel “The rol of researchers in open science and open innovation”  in the Transfiere  Forum. The goal of the session was to discuss with a number of researchers and innovators that have developed part of their careers outside academia and/or are exploring open science and innovation, their own experiences and impressions about their careers and the challenges they are facing.

Last November 8th the international final of the Falling Walls Lab, a contest of young scientific talents, was held in Berlin. FECYT was there to support the candidates coming from Spain. Emre Ozan Polat, researcher at the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) and winner of Falling Walls Barcelona, ​​presented his project based on nanotechnology to monitor vital parameters with flexible and transparent devices that adhere to the skin.

On September 21st took place in Madrid a joint event of the Secretary of State of Research, Development and Innovation, FECYT and the German Service of Academic Exchange (DAAD) in Madrid, in order to celebrate the scientific and innovation collaboration between Spain and Germany.

To break the wall. Under this slogan, young researchers from around the world meet every year in about twenty countries in the so-called Falling Walls Labs. The goal: to present innovative ideas which can offer solutions to some of the global challenges faced by modern societies. 

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