Through a selection of images, this publication summarises some of the treasures that the National Museum of Science and Technology exhibits and ke

Networking Nations II. Scientific Opportunities in the UK and Spain.

Sesiones de los científicos británicos y españoles que participaron en la jornada "Networking Nations: Oportunidades científicas en Reino Unido y España"

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Oportunidades en I+D+I

This document contains information about Public Research Bodies, the centres accredited with the Severo Ochoa hallmark of Excellence and the Nation

Anuario SINC. La ciencia es noticia 2012

To mark the fifth anniversary of the SINC Agency, a special edition of the Yearbook corresponding to 2012 was created, which includes a selection o


On 28 November 2012 the Kohn Centre of the Royal Society, London received the conference Networking Nations: Scientific Opportunities in the UK and



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