FECYT and RAICEX successfully close the 2020-2021 edition of REBECA

Monday, November 8, 2021

The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT) and the Network of Associations of Spanish Researchers and Scientists Abroad (RAICEX) have successfully closed the 2020-2021 edition of REBECA (REsearchers BEyond Academia), an intersectoral mentoring program whose aim is to explore career options beyond academia.

For six months, 80 young predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers have reflected on their professional aspirations, competencies and skills with 80 highly qualified professionals in science, technology and innovation, who have advised them on alternative and non-academic careers. The program has also offered various training sessions.

At the end of the edition, a satisfaction and impact survey was carried out, which was answered by 61 of the 80 mentees and 58 of the 80 mentors.

Main results
After REBECA, 71% of mentees know about the options outside the academic field, when before starting the program it was only 15% who knew about it.

77% of mentees are clear about what their research experience contributes to working outside the academic field, whereas it was only 21% before starting REBECA.

66% of mentees are clear, after REBECA, what weaknesses they should address in order to apply for a job outside the academia. Before REBECA it was 12%.

In this edition approximately 20% of REBECA participants were located outside of Spain, so international pairs were established. 83% of mentees and 75% of mentors in international pairs consider that they have benefited from their partner's international experience.

89% of mentees and 94% of mentors value the participation of Spanish scientists abroad through RAICEX as very useful or useful.

Likewise, 91% of mentees rate the REBECA experience as good or very good and 98% would recommend it. 87% are satisfied or very satisfied with the match with their mentor and 80% plan to keep in touch with him or her. 87% are completely satisfied with the topics discussed with their mentor during the program and 85% have met at least four times with their mentor.

On the other hand, 95% of mentors rate the REBECA experience as good or very good and 98% would recommend it. In addition, 84% plan to keep in touch with their mentee.

In 2021, FECYT will participate in a new edition of REBECA at the European level in the framework of the EURAXESS Hubs project.


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