The Foundation organises its activity through five focal points that include activities of different characteristics aimed at different audiences:

  • Promotion of scientific culture and dissemination. FECYT carries out scientific outreach activities and finances projects of other institutions through the Call for Aid for the development of Scientific Culture and Innovation. Furthermore, the Foundation manages the National Museum of Science and Technology, MUNCYT, which has a centre in A Coruña and another in Madrid.
  • Increase of social participation in science. The aim of this focal point is to develop programmes and activities to achieve an increase in participation in R&D+I.
  • Metric analysis and monitoring of science and innovation. The Foundation collaborates with the State Department of R&D+I (SEIDI) in the creation of R&D+I indicators and in the development of a science, technology and innovation information system. It also manages the Spanish Observatory of Research, Development and Innovation (ICONO), a public tool of information and integration of R&D+I indicators.
  • Spanish R&D support services. FECYT manages electronic scientific resources, promotes the Normalised Curriculum Vitae (CVN) and supports open access policies and institutional scientific repositories. It supports SEIDI in aspects related to coordination of the European Research Area (ERA), which includes support for careers in research.
  • Support for internationalisation of Spanish science. Through the European Office, the Foundation facilitates and promotes the participation of public R&D centres in European projects, particularly in the Horizon 2020 programme.