CVN is a common language capable of adapting, organising and integrating the different databases that currently exist in the Spanish Science and Technology System.

With CVN language, a researcher must only complete their CV in the database of their institution once and when completed, a PDF file will be generated with all of their CV information. This PDF file contains the technology that has been created to make this CV comprehensible and readable by the different databases of the Spanish Science and Technology System.

The researcher will have their CVN in PDF format and may file it, view it, print it out or present it at any call of any institution, through this common CVN language, without having to complete their CV again on the corresponding websites.

This is the most complete and consensual CV model in the state, and all actors in the R&D+I system benefit from it. Organisations belonging to 12 Ministries, all the Autonomous Communities and the CRUE (Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities) have participated in this system.


  • It allows unification of the CV format, which is necessary for public calls for R&D+I aid and the many administrative regional and state procedures.
  • Administrative loads are reduced.
  • Management, exploitation, transfer and the creation of control panels is streamlined.
  • Data are easy to locate, they can be processed in computers (even when they are from different databases) and it does not lead to misinterpretations.
  • CVs need only be written once and they can then be exported and imported between the different databases.
  • The CVN format is multilingual and it allows the automatic translation of the CVN CV into the co-official languages of the state and into English and French.
  • It provides the security offered by electronic transactions.
  • It makes the researcher’s efforts profitable because it facilitates scientific policy making.
  • Low management cost.
  • The CV can be carried around in a pen drive and incorporated into the database where it is requested.
  • It can be presented in Europe as a standard CV for international fora.